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For Teachers and Store Owners

Guitar In 5 is a very effective and simple tool that was developed to demonstrate to almost anyone that they can be successful at playing a musical instrument.
The Guitar In 5 format can be applied to Piano, Organ, Ukulele, Mandolin, and even Drums with a high degree of success.

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When accepting a new student that has experienced the Guitar in 5 and wishes to continue by taking additional lessons it is extremely important that the Instructor is also Certified in 5.

If the instructor is not aware of Guitar in 5 it is most likely that they will unintentionally undo the students' success. Please see the steps below to help transition the student to a more formal teaching setting.

Private Lesson #1

  1. The first private lesson should consist of reviewing their first Guitar in 5 Experience by having them play a song or songs from the provided list.


  1. The Teacher should address any issues the student has with the first 3 word vocabulary.


  1. Second the teacher should introduce 2 new words to the vocabulary ( still avoiding musical terms) We suggest introducing the “E” word which should be played as the 2 finger Em Chord. The second new word would be the “A” word which should be played as the 3 finger Am Chord


  1. Have them select a song from your list or our soon to be provided list of songs that include the use of the A word (Am) and the new E word (Em)

Private Lesson #2

  1. Review Lesson #2 and correct any issues.

  2. Now it is time to start using correct terms such as Frets, Finger numbers, the word major and minor.. These will now be paisley understood by the student because they are already doing what the really wanted to do- Play music.

Private Lesson #3

  1. Review lessons 1 & 2

  2. Introduce the pick

  3. Introduce a simple up and down strum pattern to use with their words ( In reality your student is already beyond this point on their own. They will now set the pace.

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