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  • "Nicely done! Clear, concise, and inspiring"
    ...R.C. Music Industry Executive
  • "Very cool! I'm going to forward to several dealers."
    - Dan (Music Industry Representative)
  • "You are a natural teacher. I'm thinking of ways to use this method in my classes somehow."
    - J.H (University Teacher)
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"Guitar In 5" really works!

  • Instant Gratification for the student. They discover they can do something they thought they could not accomplish in just a few short minutes. Anyone can learn it and SHARE IT!
  • Uses the same elements we instinctively used to learn our spoken language as a child. "Make a sound-form a word, a phrase and sing a song."
  • We have taken away the common barriers to learning this simple 3 word musical vocabulary. The student can be  playing real songs selected from our list of over 100 songs titles. At any time they can choose to expand their musical vocabulary with additional lessons or study or be happy for a lifetime with their new musical language.
  • Muscle Memory exercise. So simple yet so effective to learning our 3 word musical vocabulary.


  • "As the Brit said, Brilliant..." - BJ Music Dealer
  • "Pretty cool!  You blew both the interviewer and your guest out of the water!" - KM  Music Dealer
  • "OK, that's just too cool!  I wish my first guitar teacher had done that.  Did you create this method?  It's amazing."
    - JP (University Teacher)
  • Wow that is fantastic John. Nicely done! Clear concise and inspiring. There are not enough guitar teachers providing this kind of encouragement. As you said, they usually spend their time playing/showing and not letting the student expand their horizons with actual muscle memory exercises. Love the “painting” term and “words” takes the mystery out of it. Good work. 
    - RC (Music Industry Executive)
  • "She was very impressed, told me all about it. Actually going out to buy a guitar." - Music magazine editor

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