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Play Guitar In 5 Minutes Commentary

from (Winter NAMM 2014)

  • "Well done my friend!"- RH (Music Dealer)

  • "Very cool! I'm going to forward to several dealers." - Dan (Music Industry Representative)

  • "I just watched the video and that looks great. I know for me it's sometimes very hard to teach people guitar because I go back and over look the simple basics/encouragement that people need when starting out. This looks definitely helpful to beginners. Thanks I'll pass it along!" - JP local player

  • "You are a natural teacher. I'm thinking of ways to use this method in my classes somehow." - J.H. (University Teacher)

  • "Dear John, I like your method very much, its really a excellent idea, 5 min. to play guitar good it works. I had taught my students in a way of simplified chords,but not as simple as your method...and just use 3 simple chords play over 70 songs,incredible, marvellous, its far beyond me. Thank you for your suggestion and I love to share your excellent method" - Zhang Wenliang (Chinese Music School owner.)

  • "Great! I love the Australian yeah right attitude. He was a believer when he left." - BC (Music Dealer)

  • "Hi John, I just watched your video on Guitar in 5 from the NAMM show. It's absolute Genius! You've really simplified the process and allowed a non-player to experience the joy of music. I especially like how you kept it simple without resorting to technical chord forms and resulting confusion from that. I have an Uncle who's always wanted to play and I've ordered an item for him to try because of his age and arthritis issues. I think I may try your approach also (with your permission of course). He's always said when I've sat down with him, that he has no idea what to do with the guitar in his hands. I think your approach just might be the ticket. Great Idea John." - Roger Hoard (CA House Music)

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