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  • "Nicely done! Clear, concise, and inspiring"
    ...R.C. Music Industry Executive
  • "Very cool! I'm going to forward to several dealers."
    - Dan (Music Industry Representative)
  • "You are a natural teacher. I'm thinking of ways to use this method in my classes somehow."
    - J.H (University Teacher)

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a Teacher, Music Store Owner, Store Associate, Manufacturer, Distributor, or Musician please see the information provided below.

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The Goal:   To allow anyone the opportunity  to realize that they can play a musical instrument.  It's fast, fun and easy!

Who Benefits?  Teachers, new players, store owners, musicians, musical instrument manufactures and distributors, civic  groups, senior centers, church youth groups, adult education programs, after school programs and more.  The musical family continues to grow.

Is Guitar in 5 a new idea?   No. Almost everyone that plays music and teaches music already uses some version of this format such as 3 chord blues or rock or country songs. 

So what makes Guitar In 5 different? The educational elements used are time provenYou learn to make a sound, form a word, then another and another... speak a phrase, a sentence and tell a story ( sing a song) - Asking permission- the student is relaxed and open to learning, Muscle Memory -- this simple exercise makes it easy to learn the "musical words". Simple and direct. Everyone wants everything NOW! Play in 5 offers almost instant gratification. Its a FREE gift that can last a lifetime. With this simple 3 word musical vocabulary you can play hundreds of popular songs right away. If that fulfills your needs then enjoy. Should you want to increase your musical vocabulary it's easy to learn more words and sounds as your confidence and ability  to do so is now in place.

Does this replace a teacher?  NO!  Play in 5 is a major asset to any Music School or Lesson program. Most people, once they realize that they can play an instrument want to continue to learn and expand their skills. 

Do teachers need special training?  Teachers need to understand the principals behind "Guitar in 5" and know the simple basics of how to add on to the new players’ musical vocabulary. Otherwise the process can be undone. This is a very simple process and only requires watching our short training video, informing us that you wish to be “Certified In 5” and taking a short quiz. "Certified In 5" -- It FREE and Fast and Easy. 

What other types of support can Guitar In 5 provide?  Without the use of the window/store or sidewalk sign you won't have a high level of success. This is key to generating interest.

Once you are “Certified In 5” you will receive a Certification Certificate and a Window poster as seen at the top of each page of our web site. We also can provide official "Play in 5" hang tag art work for you to print and use with your own store name and information that can be displayed on your products. In addition, we can provide you with the official Web Banner for your on line sites indicating that your operation provides Guitar In 5 by Certified presenter.

We will also add your store information to our on-line directory for dealers and teachers indicating that you are an official Guitar In 5 / Certified In 5 instructor.

Does this cost me anything?  NO! It’s our gift to you. Share the joy of playing a musical instrument with almost anyone. Do your part to support our industry.

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